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Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:


Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

  • Describe standards of service
  • Describe the function of human resources in the hospitality industry
  • Display an understanding of hospitality terminology
  • Define and categorize hotel/restaurant organization and hotel segmentation
  • Identify various career paths and opportunities within the hospitality industry


Guest Relations and Concierge

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Handle guest complaints
  • Explain fee and pricing categories
  • Provide guest information services (concierge service)


Marketing and Sales

  • Describe functions of the marketing department
  • Describe the products and amenities of hotels
  • Describe the elements of a marketing strategy
  • Target the market audience
  • Explain the concept of supply and demand
  • Describe the importance of suggestive selling and upgrading
  • Prepare and promote sales, including banquet and group sales


Safety and Security

  • Explain safety regulations as required in hospitality industry, including OSHA regulations
  • Demonstrate appropriate personal hygiene
  • Maintain guest and employee security procedures


Opening and Settling Financial Transactions

  • Describe and process financial transactions
  • Describe night audit procedures
  • Operate POS (point of sale) system and/or cash register


Travel and Tourism

  • Demonstrate knowledge of travel/tourism-related geography
  • Accommodate different needs of travelers
  • Demonstrate the use of technology in the travel industry


Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

  • Describe rights of management, staff, and guests
  • Describe hospitality industry-related legal responsibilities and issues, including ADA


Restaurant Management

  • Plan, prepare, and cost menus
  • Purchase food and beverage items
  • Describe techniques for food preparation
  • Select, identify and describe the correct use of restaurant equipment for various applications
  • Explain procedures for health, safety, and sanitation
  • Identify the basic elements of restaurant layout and design
  • Calculate payroll and employee schedules
  • Identify leadership qualities to improve the quality of work and the work environment
  • Work effectively in a team environment to improve the quality of work and the work environment


Food and Beverage Service

  • Describe different types of services
  • Describe the positions and responsibilities of restaurant employees
  • Describe room service procedures
  • Define types of restaurants (themed, casual, fast food)


Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours   
Number of Questions: 162

Areas Covered:

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry: 13%

Guest Relations and Concierge: 9%

Marketing and Sales: 14%

Safety and Security: 7%

Opening and Setting Financial Transactions: 10%

Travel and Tourism: 7%

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities: 5%

Restaurant Management: 27%

Food and Beverage Services:8%


Sample Questions:

Market segments focus on

  1. sets of needs and expectations of the customer
  2. regional units of product
  3. the product and match it to a season
  4. the condition of the market


Upgrading is an example of

  1. benefits
  2. high pressure sales
  3. suggestive selling
  4. teamwork


Which guest would most likely use a TDD/TTY?  is

  1. business traveler
  2. hearing impaired guest
  3. leisure traveler
  4. vision impaired guest


Cleaned and sanitized coffee cups are stored  

  1. stacked one inside the other
  2. inverted on a clean surface
  3. side up for easy access
  4. pre-set on tables


One type of commercial eating and drinking establishment is a

  1. local restaurant
  2. high school cafeteria
  3. nursing home
  4. military mess hall


Performance Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours  
Number of Jobs: 6

Areas Covered:


6% Identify Equipment
Equipment identification, and time to complete Job 1.   

17% Perform Table-Side Service
Maintain sanitation techniques, preparation of cheese omelet, presentation of service, plate presentation, cart and material clearing, and time to complete Job 2.  

25% Prepare Chicken Alfredo
Organization (mise en place), knife skills, use of tools and equipment, preparation of recipe, safety and sanitation procedures, appearance and taste of finished product, and time to complete Job 3.  

25% Serve Guests
Table set-up, obtain and correctly set cover items, greeting and seating guests, beverage order(s), take order from guest, serve and clear guest meals, presentation of guest check, and time to complete Job 4.  

8% Pricing Menu Items
Calculate individual item costs, calculate total recipe cost and cost per serving, and time to complete Job 5.  

19% Complete a Banquet Event Contract Form
Contact information on form, room set-up and audio/visual, menu items, financial calculations, and time to complete Job 6.  

Sample Job: Perform Table-Side Service
Maximum Time:   30 Minutes
Participant Activity:   The participant will follow the recipe provided to prepare cheese omelet, providing table-side service, verbally describe techniques and ingredients while preparing the omelet, plate and serve two portions, return serving cart and materials to the kitchen area, and observe safety and sanitation in all activities