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12 Ways to Promote a Culture of Safety

A culture of safety is an important part of every organization. A strong safety culture helps reduce workplace accidents and improves overall efficiency.

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Using Skills Assessments to Build a Better Workforce

Learn how technical skills assessments can help you build a superior workforce, including choosing the right employees to promote and put into leadership.

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How Recruiting and Upskilling Can Help Bridge Your Skills Gap

The skills gap presents unique challenges for employers. You can bridge the skills gap with smarter recruiting strategies and by upskilling your employees.

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What are the Steps to an Effective Interview Process?

A structured interview plays a vital role in building a superior workforce. A strong interview process gives you a greater chance of hiring ideal candidate.

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Training New Hires For Long Term Success

Making a new hire is an investment of time, money, and resources—all potentially lost if that hire does not receive proper training. During the onboarding process, it is critical for entry-level employees to receive training that not only helps them thrive in their current position, but also grow within the company. At Nocti Business Solutions […]

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Why Should Every Trade Worker be Familiar with Process Safety Management?

At Nocti Business Solutions (NBS), we always place a heavy emphasis on safety. As a provider of pre-employment tests and skill assessments, we feel it is our responsibility to help workers and companies maintain or improve their safety. We also believe that through the provision of information, we lessen the likelihood of accidents and injuries. […]

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Training to become a plumber

At Nocti Business Solutions (NBS), we’re proud to offer multiple pre-employment and skill assessment tests for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters. Whether hiring or training plumbing professionals, our tests help determine the skill and knowledge levels of potential hires or trainees. With the increasing demand and opportunity for plumbers in the US, we are dedicating this […]

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Masonry Test for Brick & Block Construction — Assessment Overview

At Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) we offer a plethora of pre-employment tests and skill assessments, with a large portion dedicated to the construction industry. With the increasing demand for new construction in the corporate and housing markets, skilled construction workers are highly sought-after and valuable. One trade in particular is brick and block masonry work. […]

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Construction Industry forecasts for a big year—Opportunity is knocking for young Americans!

Learn how to find success in the construction industry, and how employers and employees can make the most of the opportunities available in 2019.

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What are the Different Types of Performance Reviews?

It’s that wonderful time of year when companies and organizations are strategically planning for the upcoming year. Essential to the planning process is analyzing the individuals within a workforce through annual performance reviews. At NBS, we focus on the provision of pre-employment and technical skill assessments, which are a complementary tool to performance reviews. With […]

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