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Assessment Overview

At NBS, we help companies across all industries develop their workforce. Our assessments are specifically designed to evaluate a potential or current worker’s skill and knowledge level, specific to their role. Ultimately, our assessments help determine if test-takers have the necessary technical knowledge and skills to be a productive member of your workforce. Our assessments also help supervisors focus their training and development on the areas needed, making their time, effort, and investment as impactful as possible.


Meaningful Insight

Whether you are hiring a new employee or evaluating a seasoned worker, the key to building a successful workforce is insightful training. Employee assessments are the perfect tool for business owners, supervisors, and HR managers to not only gauge if a worker has the skills and knowledge for a job but to also understand what training is required, resulting in the safest and most efficient workforce possible.

Available Skills Assessments


Make the most of your onboarding process and ensure you hire the best candidates with our entry-level skills assessments. Our entry-level tests are designed to help you better understand each candidate’s skill and knowledge level—building a superior workforce filled with highly qualified employees.

Experienced Worker

Confirm resumes and training with an NBS experienced worker assessment. With our experienced worker assessments, supervisors and employers confirm that their workforce is filled with competent and safe workers.

Advanced Skill

Receive powerful insight into an employee’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses with our advanced skills assessment. These tests are designed for workers with prior training, experience, or education and will help confirm they have the necessary skills and qualifications for their role.


NBS creates customized job assessment tests to satisfy the exact needs of our clients. If you’re interested in developing an assessment strategy that is specific to your business, we’ll work with you to realize the optimal testing solution in a timely, professional manner.

Why Use Skills Assessments?

Our assessments are industry-specific, testing the knowledge and skills of an incumbent worker. With these assessments, businesses accurately identify their workforce’s strengths and weaknesses, along with the following:

  • Identify training needs
  • Measure employee skill-level
  • Maintain safety standards & regulations
  • Increase worker morale
  • Document employee growth
  • Create promotion opportunities

Testing However You Need It

Assessment Options

Online Testing

NBS has dedicated several years to developing QuadNet, an online delivery system that delivers over 90 percent of our assessments. Assessments delivered through QuadNet include the following features:

  • Scrambled delivery sequence of test items
  • Immediate test results for the coordinator and/or test taker
  • Text-to-speech capability for individuals with relevant special needs (varies per test)
  • Dual-platform delivery options (PC and Mac)
  • Delivery of tests in multiple sessions
  • Delivery of tests available in multiple languages


If testing through the QuadNet portal is not an option, NBS delivers paper/pencil assessments at the request of our clients. We will ship booklets and answer sheets to the client for test administration. Upon completion of the assessment session, clients send answer sheets back to NBS for scoring. Score reports are available in the Client Services Center online portal two business days after we receive answer sheets in our office.

Custom Testing

NBS is proud to accommodate the unique needs of our clients by offering Customized Assessments. With custom-built tests, we develop assessments entirely on the material and information you desire. NBS also provides specialized services for language translation and text-to-speech services, providing accessibility for all test takers.

Data that Makes Sense

Intuitive Reporting

Data Matters

Providing employers and managers with transparent data and information is our primary objective at NBS. Consequently, whether you’re using our standard or custom assessments, we provide intuitive Score Reporting. Standard Score Reports include access to our Testing Management Dashboard for individual and group scoring.

Custom Reporting

When circumstances call for more specific data types, we also offer custom reporting. With our custom reports, employers and managers can receive gap, demographic, and task-link analysis data, or reporting specific to their organization.

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