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Why NBS?

No matter the industry, a company’s most crucial asset is its people.

Our Mission

“Enhancing Today’s Workforce Through Tailored Performance Solutions”

Our job is to help individuals, organizations, and workforces maintain safety, improve training, and find success through the provision of information and accurately identifying workers’ knowledge and skills.

Pre-Employment Testing & Skills Assessments

Comprehensive Testing For Every Industry

Building and maintaining a reliable and productive workforce is a challenge in any industry, from hiring the best candidates to sustaining their industry knowledge and job skills. NBS understands the unique challenge of building a successful workforce, especially the importance of accurately identifying employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

Experience You Can Trust

Since being founded in 1966 (officially a for-profit company since 1999), our primary objective is to help employers accurately assess the knowledge and skills of their employees and potential employees, building a workforce that is safe and successful. Whether companies need help refining their hiring process, developing effective training materials, certifying trade skills and jobs, or providing an opportunity for educational growth, NBS is here to help.  

The Benefit of NBS Tests & Assessments

Throughout our more than fifty years of experience, we have developed professional testing and assessments driven by our three key objectives.


Never place an employee on the work floor who is not prepared to be there. With NBS assessment tools and services, employers accurately hire candidates who have the knowledge and skills to stay safe while on the job, ensuring that every work environment is staffed with employees who will maintain a safe work environment.


Hiring the best personnel is only part of building a successful workforce. NBS also provides employers with an opportunity to optimally design training programs and material. By assessing new and current employees, individually and as a whole, companies identify what to include in their training programs. They’ll also recognize every employee’s strengths and develop their weaknesses, helping them reach their full potential.


From manufacturing to the culinary arts, choosing the right people and providing them with effective training is a recipe for success. Through our experience, we have created and tailored each of our services to do just that; help every employee and company work towards mutual success.

Our Test Designing Process

Our tests are thoroughly researched and designed to provide accurate and fair results across all industries. Our three-step process begins by defining the skills needed for a specific position. We then conduct a series of pilot tests to ensure legal defensibility. Finally, our team meets with the knowledge experts to determine a scoring benchmark. Our process, from start to finish, is founded in the elements of test validity and reliability.

Let’s Start Building a Better Workforce

Download our one-page takeaway for a succinct understanding of how we’ve helped close skills gaps and overcome hiring challenges in nearly every industry. We can help you too—whether it’s through pre-employment testing or with a fully customized solution.

Benefits of using Nocti Business Solutions

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