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Our Process

Our tests are thoroughly researched and designed to provide accurate and fair results across all industries.

Exceptional Testing, Reliable Results

All tests are not created equal. NBS offers employment testing in every industry and we take pride in our test development process. Our material is thoroughly researched and designed to provide accurate and fair results. Our highly qualified development team utilizes the best industry practices for test development and standards identification.

NBS Test Development Team

The foundations of all NBS developed tests are validity and reliability. NBS has recruited talented and motivated individuals to form our test development team. With over sixty years of combined experience, three doctoral degrees, two Master’s degrees, and a host of certifications including data analysis, Delphi survey design, test development (at national, state, and custom levels), DACUM/job and task analysis, and cut score determination, our team is prepared to bring you the highest quality test on the market.

Our Three Step Process

The NBS test development process is grounded in scientific literature and relevant to legal defensibility, which is increasingly important to companies in all industries. By pilot testing, we review item-level data before finalizing every test. Ultimately, each part of the process—from the number of experts on a team to the psychometric method of cut score determination—serves the foundational elements of test validity and reliability.

1. Defining Needed Skills – Job/Task Analysis

NBS will work with your Subject Matter Expert (SME) team to gather data on the job being assessed. Through a collaborative process, our team will articulate the skills needed for a specific position. This leads to the development of a test that corresponds to an employee’s skill set to the current job requirements and the position’s long-term development.

2. Ensuring Legal Defensibility – Validation

Pilot testing is a critical part of the development process. During this phase, the test is administered to a diverse sample group to gather data on the assessment. The results are then analyzed to determine potential discrepancies in the material. At this stage, item analysis and bias review are integral steps to building a valid and reliable test. This step is also critical in determining that no items favor one demographic over another.

3. Establishing the Benchmark – Cut Score Determination

After the pilot testing and data analysis, our team reconvenes with SMEs to determine the benchmark a candidate needs to reach in order to qualify for the job. This step of the process also allows the SME team to review the item analysis results to determine if any edits are needed.

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