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NBS Testing

All tests are not created equal—NBS testing is thoroughly researched and designed to accurately identify candidate and employee knowledge levels.

Tests You Can Trust

NBS provides multiple types of professional testing products, each developed by subject matter experts and our expert Test Development Team. Our team ensures that tests are fair and accurate with psychometric methods, identifying test-takers’ knowledge level of specific skills, regulations, methods, characteristics, and more.

Build a Better Workforce

Download our one-page takeaway for a succinct understanding of how we’ve helped close skills gaps and overcome hiring challenges in nearly every industry. We can help you too—whether it’s through pre-employment testing or with a fully customized solution.

Benefits of using Nocti Business Solutions

Available Assessments

Solid Foundations

Entry-Level Assessments

Make the most of your onboarding process and ensure you hire the best candidates with our Entry-Level Skills Assessments. These entry-level tests are designed to help you better understand each candidate’s skill and knowledge level—building a superior workforce filled with highly qualified employees.

Tests for the knowledgable

Experienced Worker Assessments

Confirm resumes and training with NBS’ Experienced Worker Assessments. With these assessments, supervisors and employers confirm that their workforce is filled with competent and safe workers.

Advanced assessments for the highly skilled

Advanced Skill Assessments

Receive powerful insight into an employee’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses with our Advanced Skills Assessments. These tests are designed for workers with prior training, experience, or education and will help confirm they have the necessary skills and qualifications for their role.

Assessment Index

Have a look at every technical skills assessment from Nocti Business Solutions, spanning from entry-level to advanced skills assessments.

Testing Categories

Pre-Employment Testing

Ensure that your new hires have the skills and knowledge that positively impact your company.

Technical Skills Assessments

Gain powerful insight into a candidate or employee’s current abilities and future potential.

Custom Test Development

Design a fully optimized custom skills assessment that includes criteria specific to your company.

Prior Learning Assessments

Earn college credit for knowledge already acquired through past work and experience.


Provide marketable proof of the capabilities and skills of your company and employees.

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