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To create a convenient and feasible screening process for new employees, Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) ensures that site administrators adhere to the provided policies and guidelines for employee testing. NBS designs and implements high-quality assessment programs that help to determine an employee’s ability to perform a particular job. Here are the essential forms that administrators and coordinators will need.

Available Forms

Security Policy

Nocti Business solutions requires the review and agreement of a security policy for use of testing services. The security policy must be adhered to by all NBS clients in order to maintain the integrity of the assessments.

Testing Agreement

Nocti Business solutions requires the completion of a testing agreement for use of testing services. Forms are required for administering, purchasing, and reviewing assessments. The Testing Agreement is coupled with a security policy that must be adhered to by all NBS clients in order to maintain the integrity of the assessments.

Application for Test Review

Nocti Business Solutions’ application for test review is required for NBS clients to review assessments. It is an important step in the process for business and industry clients to review assessments to ensure a good fit with the job description for which they are testing.

Certification of Test Selection Process

Before tests can be administered, Nocti Business Solutions requires a valid Certificate of Test Selection Process to be on file. This form is completed once assessments have been reviewed and the client has determined which assessment best matches the job description. This form affirms that the proper process has been completed by the client when choosing an assessment instrument.

W-9 Form

The NBS W-9 form is provided for clients to get NBS setup as a vendor in your system. If additional information is needed, please contact an NBS representative.

At Nocti Business Solutions, we aim to ensure that our clients have the tools they need to design, develop and implement successful employee testing programs. To ensure the integrity of the assessments, we expect organizations, administrators, and the participants to adhere to our security policy. For any questions, call our office at (231) 796-4695.