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Prior Learning Assessments

“This has been a much easier process than I anticipated and I have recommended Nocti to several other people at work. It looks like I will receive my Regent’s Bachelor of Arts degree soon. I’m 54 and should have done this a long time ago. Like they say, better late than never.”
-Kelley H.

What Are Prior Learning Assessments?

Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) are a testing option that allows an individual to transfer experience and gained skills into college credits, saving time and money. PLAs are a great way to get ahead, catch up, or branch out to receive college credit for your prior knowledge or experience.

How Do PLAs Work?

There are only a few steps to take to ensure that you receive credit for taking your PLA.

  1. Consult with your academic advisor and/or registrar to ensure your institution will grant the credit.
  2. Take a PLA at an NBS approved testing site or online using a virtual proctoring service (webcam required).
  3. Score at least 70% on the NBS assessment to receive our College Credit Recommendation Report.
Nocti Business Solutions is proud to offer hands-on customer care to those seeking our services.  Organizations or individuals who have questions about Prior Learning Assessments can contact NBS at 1-800-334-6283 or email us at

How Can a PLA be Worth College Credit?

Nocti Business Solutions has collaborated with the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) to evaluate over 100 of our assessments. Working with industry experts and college professors, NCCRS evaluated these assessments making them available for college credit.

The assessments will evaluate the individual’s work and life experiences to determine if the skills translate into college-level courses. Those with advanced knowledge can bypass some coursework in their pursuit of a degree.

What Courses and Colleges Are Eligible for a Prior Learning Assessment?

NBS assessments have been recommended for college credit ranging from 1 to 6 credit hours. See the full list of courses approved for a PLA here: PLA List

Currently, there are over 1,500 colleges and universities that recognize NCCRS and will potentially grant college credit for meeting the benchmark for a specific test. See the full list here: NCCRS College List.

Please Note: If your school is not currently participating in this program, speak to your advisor about the possibility of receiving credit for taking a PLA.

What Does a Prior Learning Assessment Cost?

The cost to take a Prior Learning Assessment is $150.00. An official transcript can be provided for an additional fee.

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