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Services from NBS

From testing to training, NBS offers everything you need to ensure that your workforce is full of competent and qualified employees.

In addition to our standardized and custom test development, we offer a host of services that focus on the delivery of testing materials and developing a superior workforce. From test delivery to training, we’ll help you mold new and current employees, ensuring that they reach their full potential. 


If you’re searching for testing locations, test delivery, or a testing platform to host your assessment, NBS is here to help. We offer multiple testing services that ensure the ease of test delivery, fast results, and accurate testing material.

Adaptable Solutions


For some companies, standardized skills assessments may not be the answer. They need to not only test individuals’ professional knowledge but also information specific to the company. For that scenario, we offer Customized Assessments. Our psychometric experts work with companies to develop custom assessments, ensuring that tests are fair and accurate while including every piece of necessary material, from questions to branding.

Verified Knowledge


An NBS certification significantly increases the value and marketability of an individual’s skills and knowledge. We offer a vast collection of certifications through an array of partnerships across all industries. Whether you’re searching to certify an individual or an entire workforce, we have the tools and knowledge to help!

Expert Plans

Training Consultancy

Adequate training is critical to onboarding new employees and building a successful workforce. At NBS, we recognize the significance and unique challenge of developing an effective training program, which is why we offer Training Consultancy. Ultimately, developing employee training—ensuring that employees learn everything necessary to become an effective and safe worker.

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