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Data Retention Policy

Data Retention Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to protect customer privacy by establishing rules governing data retention for NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions (NBS).

Data Retention Policy

NOCTI/NBS hold and maintains customer data for the purpose of providing assessment results.  NOCTI/NBS will retain individually identifiable score-related data for up to ten years.  NOCTI/NBS will anonymize data and retain score-related data necessary for normative calculation purposes, according to the following schedule:

  • For secondary and post-secondary data, anonymization after ten years.
  • For business and industry data, anonymization after 20 years.
  • For teacher data, anonymization after 20 years.

The data will be in a format that will prevent it from being de-anonymized and remove any possibility of re-identifying the individual.

At any time, NOCTI/NBS will, upon written request from customer, remove customer data by anonymizing it in a manner that makes it impossible to de-anonymize and re-identify the individual.


This policy applies to all customer data obtained and retained in the process of doing business.  The Information Technology division will be responsible for the implementation of this policy.

Changes to This Notice

NOCTI/NBS reserves the right to change this Data Retention Policy at any time. Changes will be made to respond to new laws and regulations, to address changes in technology, or for any other business reason that NOCTI/NBS deems necessary. If changes are made, the changes will be effective when the Data Retention Policy is published to the website. 

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Questions, comments, requests, and complaints regarding this Notice and the personal information we store are welcomed. We will attempt to respond to all requests promptly and efficiently.