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Audio-Visual Communications Technology

Experienced Worker Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 200

Areas Covered:

15% Photography
11% Computer Graphics
15% Video Production
10% Equipment Repair and Maintenance
11% Audio Production
10% Presentation Technology
10% Graphic Design
16% Project Management
2% Miscellaneous Related Information

Sample Questions:

To insure that colors are recorded correctly prior to videotaping, the camera operator would
A. adjust video gain on the camera
B. record color bars on tape
C. adjust white balance on camera
D. record black burst on tape

The primary colors used to paint a color video image are
A. red, blue, and green
B. red, blue, and yellow
C. red, green, and yellow
D. magenta, cyan, and yellow

At a remote recording location, earphones (headphones) provide the audio operator with a
A. reference for sound quality and balance
B. means to hear the director’s instructions
C. way to communicate with the camera operator
D. way to measure recording levels

Which of the following methods would be appropriate for an informal, interactive presentation to a small audience?
A. video presentation
B. overhead presentation
C. multi-image presentation
D. slide presentation

A broadcast television signal
A. is six megahertz wide
B. uses vestigial sideband transmission
C. has its aural portion transmitted on a separate FM carrier
D. all of the above