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Building Construction Occupations

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Safety and General Knowledge

  • Recognize and adhere to worksite safety issues (housekeeping and health related)
  • Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPEs)
  • Demonstrate understanding of ladder and scaffold safety
  • Recognize and adhere to governmental regulations (OSHA, MSDS, etc.)
  • Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of hand tools
  • Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of power tools



  • Identify carpentry materials
  • Describe, lay out, and construct wood floor framing
  • Calculate, lay out, and construct stairs
  • Identify, lay out, and construct wood wall framing
  • Describe, calculate, and construct ceiling and roof framing
  • Identify and install roofing materials (shingles, fasteners, and flashing)
  • Differentiate various styles of roofs
  • Identify, estimate, and install exterior windows and doors
  • Identify, measure, and apply exterior finishes (sidings and trim)
  • Describe and install interior finishes (e.g., drywall, doors, trims)



  • Identify, calculate quantities, and install footings and foundations
  • Identify, calculate quantities, and install brick and block
  • Identify, calculate quantities, and install various types of tile
  • Identify, calculate quantities, place/pour, and finish concrete applications (e.g., sidewalks, steps)  



  • Identify, estimate, and install rough electrical (including wire and cable)
  • Identify, calculate quantities, and install finish electrical



  • Identify, estimate, and install rough plumbing (PVC, ABS, copper, PEX)
  • Identify, calculate quantities, and install finish plumbing fixtures


Energy Efficiency

  • Identify, estimate, and install insulation and interpret R-values
  • Recognize various ventilation applications
  • Identify “green” construction technology (e.g., lighting, Energy Star®)


Blueprints and Site Layout

  • Recognize blueprint terms, symbols, and abbreviations
  • Interpret blueprints and calculate quantities
  • Demonstrate use of architect’s scale
  • Lay out building using various calculations, squaring, and leveling methods


Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours

Number of Questions: 151


Areas Covered:

Safety and General Knowledge: 17%

Carpentry: 30%

Masonry: 14%

Electrical: 7%

Plumbing: 6%

Energy Efficiency: 8%

Blueprints, Building Layout, and Site Layout: 18%


Sample Questions:

According to OSHA regulations, when working on a multilevel construction site, workers should wear _____ at all times.      

  1. face shields
  2. hearing protection
  3. knee pads
  4. hard hats


To protect an outside drywall corner, it may be reinforced with a corner

  1. board
  2. lath
  3. bead
  4. rite


How many courses of concrete block are needed for a wall 8 feet high?

  1. 12
  2. 14
  3. 16
  4. 17


The allowable number of conductors within an electrical box is determined by the _____ of the box.

  1. volume
  2. area
  3. length
  4. depth


The purpose of a trap is to

  1. discharge sewer gas from the building
  2. prevent sewer gas from entering the building
  3. prevent excess pressure from building up in the system
  4. trap solid waste material


A _____ is a pre-cut length of rolled fiberglass insulation.

  1. filler
  2. batt
  3. cricket
  4. standard


The height of the window header is found in the

  1. site section
  2. plot plan
  3. wall section
  4. mechanical plan


The leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry is

  1. falls
  2. lacerations
  3. electrical shock
  4. structure fires


What unit of measure is used for a heating device size, such as a furnace?

  1. BTU – British thermal unit
  2. BHU – British heat unit
  3. ATU – American thermal unit
  4. AHU – American heat unit


Roof trusses are typically spaced _____ on center.

  1. 10 inches
  2. 15 inches
  3.    20 inches
  4.    24 inches


Performance Assessment:

Administration Time: 2 hours and 25 minutes

Number of Jobs: 5


Areas Covered:

21% Solder Pipe

Participant will correctly cut, ream, clean, flux, and solder copper tubing into a complete, finished product.


19% Lay Out Rafter

Participant will position the rafter crown, create the correct rafter line length and overhang length, place and cut the bird’s mouth correctly, and cut the tail plumb and ridge plumb correctly.


10% Calculate and Cut a Stud

Participant will cut the stud to the correct length and shape.


23% Rough and Finish Electrical

Participant will correctly set boxes, choose and install cables, pre-wire boxes, choose, wire, and install switch properly, split and wire the receptacle correctly.


27% 8-Inch Block Wall Construction

Participant will construct the block course correctly, with correct wall height, length and straightness, as well as a correct wall plumb and level and full, finished joints.


Sample Job:

8-Inch Block Wall Construction

Maximum Time: 45 minutes

Participant Activity: The participant is to construct a block wall 47-5/8-inches long by 24-inches high, strike all joints using a convex jointer, and finish wall with a clean appearance.