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Building Trades Maintenance

Experienced Worker Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 200

Areas Covered:

30% Electricity
20% Carpentry
15% Plumbing
15% Related Knowledge
8% Masonry
7% Metal Processes
5% Painting and Wall Applications

Sample Questions:

The purpose of grounding electrical circuits is to 

  1. protect equipment from damage
  2. protect the building from damage
  3. assure personal safety
  4. lower circuit resistance 

When cutting glass for a window frame, it should be 

  1. exactly the size of the hole in the frame
  2. B. slightly larger than the frame
  3. 1/8″ less all around
  4. 1/4″ less all around 

Elbows are primarily used for 

  1. connecting two pieces of pipe together
  2. offsetting pipe lines
  3. making connections of two different kinds of pipes
  4. changing direction 

One homeowner complained that the blower was making noises every time it started. This situation was remedied by 

  1. increasing the return air
  2. increasing the warm air
  3. adjusting the bearings
  4. adjusting the belt tension 

Oil in contact with high pressure oxygen may result in 

  1. a violent explosion
  2. a low heat
  3. weak weld deposits
  4. difficulty in keeping the flame adjusted