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Business Information Processing

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Computer Concepts and Applications  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of security, computer ethics, licensing, and confidentiality  
  • Identify the functions of computer components (e.g., ports, RAM, hard drive)  
  • Apply the functions of peripherals, multimedia tools, and printers
  • Apply basic networking concepts and data communication concepts (e.g., shared drives, networked printers)
  • Apply knowledge of computer terminology and general information


Internet Operations

  • Identify methods of Internet research (e.g., identify, cite web sources)
  • Explain functions of e-commerce (e.g., secure transactions, marketing)
  • Demonstrate techniques of website construction and development
  • Define the purpose of Internet security measures (e.g., firewalls, passwords)


Computer Operations

  • Explain data usages and manipulations
  • Identify and perform basic system functions (e.g., operating systems, background applications)
  • Demonstrate basic hardware and software troubleshooting techniques
  • Identify emerging technologies and secondary computing devices  


Reporting and Data Management  

  • Identify basic reporting and data management functions
  • Perform audit and forecast functions  
  • Perform data analysis and generate reports  


Business Software Applications

  • Demonstrate knowledge of word processing software uses and concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of spreadsheet software
  • Demonstrate knowledge of database software
  • Identify and use communications software (e.g., web conferencing, messaging)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of presentation software
  • Demonstrate knowledge of desktop publishing software  (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Publisher)


Business Math

  • Solve business problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations  
  • Solve business problems involving decimals and fractions
  • Solve business problems involving percentages, discounts and general accounting/finance concepts  



  • Demonstrate proper grammar and sentence structure
  • Demonstrate appropriate verbal communication techniques
  • Identify various non-verbal communication techniques
  • Demonstrate professional workplace behavior and appropriate use of corporate resources
  • Demonstrate professional internal and external customer service
  • Format business communication documents (e.g., letters, memos, reports)

Office Environment Safety

  • Maintain a safe and health work environment (e.g., firs safety, MSDS, ergonomics)
  • Maintain physical safety and security (e.g., secure environment, locking computers, proper IDs)
  • Identify methods of stress management


Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours   

Number of Questions: 158


Areas Covered:

Computer Concepts and Applications: 20%

Internet Operations: 9%

Computer Operations: 9%

Reporting and Data Management: 7%

Business Software Applications: 18%

Business Math: 12%

Communications: 17%

Office Environment Safety: 8%


Sample Questions:

The device responsible for forwarding data packets across computer networks is called a

  1. multiplexor
  2. router  
  3. bridge  
  4. modem  


In the event of a system problem, the operator may use _____ to revert the computer to its previous state.  

  1. disk cleanup
  2. character map
  3. defragment
  4. system restore


Word wrap  

  1. replaces misspelled words from the built-in dictionary
  2. moves text automatically to the next line when it reaches the right margin
  3. makes an indentation from the left margin
  4. arranges records in a specific order


A trial balance can be used to  

  1. show the changes that occurred over time
  2. find whether a bill was paid
  3. check that all the bills are paid
  4. check that all debit entries equal credit entries


Ergonomics is the science that studies the relationship between the worker and the  

  1. client
  2. work environment
  3. manager
  4. economic environment


Performance Assessment:

Administration Time: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Number of Jobs: 5


Areas Covered:

11% File Management

Label CD or equivalent storage media, create and name folder, locate and copy “C:\NOCTI\faq.txt”, make a second file and rename, and time to complete Job 1.  


37% Spreadsheet

Header and placement, spreadsheet and column headings, data entry, formula entry, compute totals, use of functions, formatting, create pie chart, save spreadsheet, print material, and time to complete Job 2.  


18% Word Processing:  Create and Format

Keyboarding report – formatting, save non-edited document, edit document, save edited document, print edited document and hand in to evaluator, and time to complete Job 3.    


19% Word Processing:  Table Creation

Place name in header, document title, column creation, inputting data, table format, save document, print document, hand in to evaluator, and time to complete Job 4.  


15% Presentations  

Title slide, second slide, animate bulleted list, added slide transitions, save presentation, print presentation, close and exit, and time to complete Job 5.    

Sample Job:

File Management

Maximum Time: 10 minutes

Participant Activity: The participant will use the supplied CD or equivalent storage media that is labeled and save his or her work.  Participant will create a folder, name it using his or her name (i.e., Susan Jones), find the file “faq.txt” on the hard drive, copy “faq.txt” to the folder created, while leaving the original file intact, make a second copy, and rename it “frequently asked questions.txt”.