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Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:


• Demonstrate knowledge of workplace safety and environmental practices
• Demonstrate appropriate care and maintenance of shop tools and equipment
• Identify proper use of Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Business Fundamentals

  • Demonstrate knowledge of estimating terminology
  • Identify employability skills within the collision repair industry
  • Calculate estimates and costs related to repair procedures

Metal Inert Gas (MIG)/Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding (STRSW)

  •  Demonstrate vehicle protection procedures
  • Demonstrate understanding of welder set-up and maintenance
  • Describe various welding and removal processes
  • Describe and differentiate various types and uses of welding processes

Structural Repairs

  • Replace and/or repair structural components
  • Select, set up, and utilize manual measuring systems
  • Explain and identify computerized 3-D measuring systems
  • Explain and identify the operation of various pulling systems
  • Diagnose direct and indirect structural damage
  • Demonstrate knowledge of working with various strengths of metals

Non-Structural Repairs

  • Demonstrate understanding of metal straightening and finishing
  • Identify automotive plastics and proper repair procedures
  • Diagnose primary and secondary non-structural damage
  • Demonstrate knowledge of movable and stationary glass
  • Utilize basic corrosion protection procedures
  • Use adhesive bonding procedures
  • Remove and replace automotive trim
  • Remove, install, replace, align, or repair non-structural panels
  • Remove, install, and replace ancillary components (e.g., headlamps, under-hood fuse boxes, etc.)

Mechanical and Electrical Systems

  • Identify basic steering and suspension components
  • Verify functions of electrical system and basic wiring repair
  • Identify service and operation of air conditioning (AC) and cooling systems
  • Identify a basic safety restraint system (SRS)
  • Perform basic mechanical and electrical operations

Painting and Refinishing

  • Identify and demonstrate surface preparation techniques
  • Demonstrate masking and taping application techniques
  • Identify and demonstrate paint material preparation techniques
  • Identify causes and remedies for paint defects
  • Identify and demonstrate paint materials, applications, and techniques

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 184

Areas Covered

11% Safety

8% Business Fundamentals


12% Structural Repairs

23% Non-Structural Repairs

16% Mechanical and Electrical Systems

21% Painting and Refinishing

Sample Questions:

Etch primer is used to
A. promote adhesion to bare metal
B. remove oxidation and etch the metal
C. remove was and grease
D. increase color retention

When making a vertical butt weld, start from the
A. top
B. bottom
C. center
D. left

Bird-nesting occurs on a MIG/GMAW welder
A. between the drive rollers and liner
B. at the contact tip
C. on the work being welded
D. inside the liner

What information does the eighth digit from the right of a VIN provide?
A. assembly plant
B. body type
C. model year
D. engine type

Clogged spray booth filters will cause
A. runs in the finish
B. orange peel in the finish
C. shorter flash times
D. malfunction of the spray booth

Performance Assessment:

Administration Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Number of Jobs: 3

Areas Covered:

40% Welding
Participant will use 18 gauge coupons to practice and tune equipment.  Participant will perform a horizontal lap weld, horizontal butt weld, horizontal plug weld; presenting the best one for scoring to the evaluator, and clean work area and shut down equipment.

34% Sheet Metal Repair
Participant will obtain required tools, equipment, and materials, repair dent in the panel and clean work area. 

22% Refinishing
Participant will safely clean, tack and refinish panel, apply a base coat and clear coat, and clean work area.

Sample Job: Sheet Metal Repair
Maximum Time: 1 hour
Participant Activity: Participant will obtain required tools, equipment, and materials, and clean panel, rough finish the damaged area, apply filler, finish contour, put away tool, and clean work area.