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Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 171

Areas Covered:

22% Maintenance/Repair
16% Die Mold Repair and Maintenance
20% Development Construction
4% Spotting Press Operator
5% Automation
6% Fabrication
5% Electro-Discharge Machining/Wire Operations (EDM)
3% Coordinate Measuring Machine Operations
3% CNC Operations
11% General Processing and Operations
5% Inspection

Sample Questions:

Having ground a square pierce hole button to sharpen it, what other area may need to be ground before shimming? 

  1. O.D.
  2. the step on locating flat
  3. the bottom
  4. slug clearance 

What method would be most likely used to work back the weld in a kiss-off area in a mold die? 

  1. hand grinder, file, hone
  2. ball peen hammer
  3. hand drill
  4. shear in by press pressure 

What is meant by coordinating electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic system installation on a new die? 

  1. be sure they are all operated by one switch
  2. installed as required
  3. see that they are all installed at the same time
  4. installed after all tool steels have been mounted in die 

How is press ram checked to assure it is parallel with bolster? 

  1. indicator
  2. stop blocks
  3. level
  4. parallelogram 

Repositioning of a welding gun, adjusting the air and hydraulic cylinder, is normally the responsibility of

  1. die tryout
  2. an electrician
  3. a machine repairman
  4. all of the above