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Electrical Construction

Experienced Worker Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment: 

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 200

Areas Covered: 

2% General Information
9% Safety/Environmental
8% Meters, Measurements, and Testing
9% Tools, Equipment, Materials
9% National Electrical Code
6% Blueprints, Architectural Drawings
6% Planning, Layout, and Estimating
6% AC Theory, Conductors, and Magnetic Theory
4% Electronics
6% DC, Basic Electric and Electronic Theories
4% Low Voltage Systems
5% Wiring Methods, Branch Circuits
5% Raceway and Conduit Bending
6% Transformers
6% Motors, Motor Control Circuits, Generators
6% Lighting
3% Basic Computer Skills

Sample Questions: 

The purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to 

  1. prevent accidents on construction jobs by more preventive action
  2. remove all hazardous conditions on job sites as the conditions appear
  3. assure every working man and woman, so far as possible, healthful working conditions
  4. enforce safety laws of the state where those laws lack enforcement power 

How many cubic yards of concrete would you have to order for a duct bank which measures 4 feet by 2 feet by 400 feet? 

  1. 110
  2. 119
  3. 1,067
  4. 3,200 

On building plans or blueprints, the electrician can expect to find 

  1. plot, floor, elevation, and section details
  2. schematics
  3. names of people to call for help
  4. code explanations 

The NEC recognizes a low-voltage system as one that is 

  1. less than 24 volts
  2. less than 50 volts
  3. less than 75 volts
  4. less than 120 volts 

The current in the primary winding of a transformer is determined mainly by the 

  1. phase voltage
  2. winding impedance
  3. secondary load
  4. line voltage 

Performance Assessment: 

Administration Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Number of Jobs: 4 

Areas Covered: 

46% Motor and Control Wiring Material selection, troubleshooting, motor reversing, installation of conductors, installation of components and test circuit. 

9% Identify Trade Names 

14% Locate Bad Components Using a VOM Use of meter to test components and identification of problem. 

31% Troubleshooting Bad Components Troubleshooting live circuit, use of meter and recommendation for repair. 

Sample Job:

Motor and Control Wiring 

Estimated Job Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes 

Participant Activity: The participant will complete the wiring diagram provided using the power control transformer and connect the three- phase starter with 2 stop/start stations to a 3-phase motor. The evaluator will specify the control and motor circuit voltages. Participant will select proper overloads and the proper fuses for the motor being connected. Participant will then check and record the motor running circuit, de-energize the circuit and reverse the rotation of the motor.