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Electrical Electronics Maintenance

Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 150

Areas Covered:

3% General Trade Information
23% Electrical
16% Reading Diagrams and Calculations
3% Motors and Generators
4% Wiring Controls
3% Lighting
5% Symbols and Digital
3% Microprocessors/Systems
20% Programmable Logic Controls
13% Basic Electronics Level I
7% Basic Electronics Level II 

Sample Questions:

The proper way to check for a good ground in a power tool is between 

  1. the front and rear areas of the case
  2. either the hot or the neutral prong of the plug and the ground wire prong
  3. the hot and neutral prong of the plug
  4. the case and the ground wire prong 

All starters are basically rated in 

  1. ohms
  2. volts
  3. frequency
  4. horsepower 

In order to reverse the direction of a split-phase motor, it is necessary to 

  1. interchange the line leads
  2. reverse the connections to both the starting and running windings
  3. reverse the wires to the capacitor
  4. reverse the connections to the starting winding 

What type of switch circuit is indicated by an OR gate? 

  1. parallel
  2. series parallel
  3. parallel series
  4. series 

When power is removed from a PC 

  1. the Executive Memory is usually lost
  2. the User Program is often maintained by a Battery Backup system
  3. the ROM will usually have to be reprogrammed
  4. the Application Memory will usually not be affected