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Electromechanical Technology

Experienced Worker Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment: 

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 180 

Areas Covered: 

7% Fluid Power Application
12% Fluid Power Basic Knoweldge
6% Fluid Power Control
9% Mechanical Basic Knowledge
3% Mechanical Application
2% Mechanical Transmission
5% Mechanical Tools
6% Mechanical Bearings and Lubrication
17% Electrical/Electronics Basic Knowledge
12% Electrical/Electronics Motors and Transformers
21% Electrical/Electronics Application

Sample Questions: 

One gallon of typical hydraulic fluid weighs 7.75 pounds and occupies 2.31 cubic inches of volume. If one gallon of this fluid in a container is one foot deep, what is the pressure on the bottom of the container? 

  1. 0.40 psia
  2. 0.40 psig
  3. 0.65 psia
  4. 0.65 psig 

A double-leg sling is rated for a 6,000 pound load when used with a sling angle of 45 degrees. If the sling angle is decreased to 30 degrees, what is the new maximum load? 

  1. 3,000 pounds
  2. 4,200 pounds
  3. 7,500 pounds
  4. the maximum load remains 6, 000 pounds 

Lubricants supplied from different manufacturers should not be mixed in the same system because they may have 

  1. different specific gravities
  2. different viscosities
  3. different Saybolt numbers
  4. additives that are not compatible 

The most widely accepted method of reversing the direction of rotation of a DC motor is to reverse the 

  1. polarity of the shunt field leads
  2. polarity of the DC line connected to the motor
  3. armature and series field leads
  4. armature leads 

When you arrive to troubleshoot a defective electrical machine, the first step is to 

  1. press the START button
  2. press the OVERLOAD-RELAY RESET button
  3. open the controller enclosure
  4. talk to the operator