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General Technical Skills

Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 200

Areas Covered:

17% Blueprint Reading and Basic Drafting
15% Industrial Solid State Electronics
16% Mechanical Drive Components
15% Plumbing/Pipefitting
20% Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigerant, and Sheet Metal
17% Welding and Fabrication

Sample Questions:

Half sections are primarily used
A. like revolved sections
B. like broken-out sections
C. on symmetrical objects
D. on non-symmetrical objects

To determine if a grinding wheel is cracked
A. ring test it
B. check it with a ring
C. mount on a grinder having a high RPM spindle
D. remove the blotter and check with a magnifying glass

The function of a pressure-reducing valve is to
A. maintain a maximum pressure on the system at all times
B. maintain a minimum pressure on the system at all times
C. relieve pressure on the system
D. prevent system water logging

In a gas-fired warm-air heating system, what control is used to operate the fan motor?
A. bonnet thermostat
B. primary control
C. room thermostat
D. stack thermostat

Reverse-flow check valves at either the torch inlets or regulator outlets are to
A. prevent the mixing of oxygen and acetylene
B. keep the hoses from working loose
C. reduce the gas pressure
D. prevent damage to the torch and regulator threads