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Hospitality Management – Lodging

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:


Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

• Describe standards of service
• Describe the function of human resources in the hospitality industry
• Display an understanding of hospitality terminology
• Define and categorize hotel/restaurant organization and hotel segmentation
• Identify various career paths and opportunities within the hospitality industry

Guest Relations and Concierge

• Demonstrate effective communication skills
• Handle guest complaints
• Explain fee and pricing categories
• Provide guest information services
(concierge service)

Marketing and Sales

• Describe functions of the marketing department
• Describe the products and amenities of hotels
• Describe the elements of a marketing strategy
• Target the market audience
• Describe the concept of supply and demand
• Describe the importance of suggestive selling and upgrading
• Prepare and promote sales; including banquet and group sales

Safety and Security

• Demonstrate knowledge of safety regulations as required in hospitality industry, including OSHA regulations
• Demonstrate appropriate personal hygiene
• Maintain guest and employee security procedures

Opening and Settling Financial Transactions

• Describe and process financial transactions
• Describe night audit procedures
• Operate POS (point of sale) system and/or cash register

Travel and Tourism

• Demonstrate knowledge of travel/tourism-related geography
• Accommodate different needs of travelers
• Demonstrate the use of technology in the travel industry

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

• Describe rights of the management, staff, and guests
• Describe hospitality industry-related legal responsibilities and issues, including ADA

Housekeeping Management

• Identify various room types
• Describe, interpret, and maintain housekeeping and room status records
• Explain procedures for health, safety, and sanitation
• Describe guest room cleaning and laundry procedures

Front Office Procedures

• Identify front office terminology
• Explain functions of the reservations department
• Describe and operate electronic communication systems
• Describe the function of forecasting
• Calculate payroll and employee schedules
• Identify and perform front office responsibilities
• Identify leadership qualities to improve the quality of work and the work environment
• Work effectively in a team environment to improve the quality of work and the work environment

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 172

Areas Covered:

13% Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

8% Guest Relations and Concierge

15% Marketing and Sales

8% Safety and Security

9% Opening and Settling Financial Transactions

6% Travel and Tourism

6% Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

12% Housekeeping Management

23% Front Office Procedures

Sample Questions:

The acronym, CHA, stands for
A. Certified Hotel Administrator
B. Council of Hospitality Administrators
C. Council of Hotel Administrators
D. Certified Hospitality Association

When occupancy increases, which of the following is likely to decrease? A. average daily rate per room
B. average rate per guest
C. room revenue
D. overall cost analysis

The main factors determining a travel destination point are climate, accessibility, and
A. transportation
B. amenities
C. value for dollar
D. shopping

The ability of a restaurant server to cover a front desk clerk’s position if he or she is absent is the result of
A. stereotyping
B. cross-training
C. mentoring
D. scheduling

A reservation inquiry typically includes the guest name, the number of persons in the party, and the guest’s
A. date of birth
B. social security number
C. number of dependents
D. date of arrival

Performance Assessment:

Administration Time:
2 hours and 15 minutes
Number of Jobs: 5

Areas Covered:

17% Folio and Form Completion
Form completion, calculation of sales tax, occupancy tax, running balance, and time to complete Job 1.

27% Customer Relations and Role Play
Greet and obtain basic information, up-selling techniques, room type, location, rate; provide guest with information, handling guest complaints, and time to complete Job 2.

18% Pricing Menu Items
Calculate individual item costs, room charge, total cost of continental breakfast, calculate total cost per person, total cost of meeting, and time to complete Job 3.

27% Complete a Banquet Event Order Contract Form
Contact information on form, room set-up, menu items, financial calculations, and time to complete Job 4.

11% Set up Continental Breakfast Buffet Table
Set up continental breakfast buffet, and time to complete Job 5.

Sample Job: Folio and Form Completion
Maximum Time: 30 Minutes
Participant Activity: Using the information provided, the participant will complete the guest account, including the transaction, the transaction code, the reference code, and the initials of the person posting the charges.