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Industrial Maintenance Technician

Advanced Skill Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 200

Areas Covered:

6% New Equipment Installation
19% Processing Equipment Maintenance
8% Refrigeration Systems Maintenance
8% Equipment and Parts Fabrication
10% Physical Plant Systems Maintenance
20% Packaging Equipment Maintenance
8% Building and Facilities Maintenance
10% Preventative Maintenance
11% Basic Electricity/Electronics

Sample Questions:

All reversing starters are equipped with some form of interlocking protection in order to
A. keep the cover locked securely
B. prevent the heaters from burning out
C. prevent both coils from energizing at the same time
D. prevent potential accident hazard

Superheat is added to a refrigerant
A. during its change of state
B. at the point of latent heat of fusion
C. after all liquid has changed to a vapor
D. after condensation

When clamping work on a milling table, the best setup results if the
A. bolt is closer to the work than the step block
B. bolt is closer to the step block than to the work
C. bolt is the same distance from the work and step block
D. clamps are in an angular plane resulting in greater clamping pressure

Which of the parts listed below must be sufficiently heated before the pilot flame will continue to burn on a gas hot water heater?
A. thermostat
B. pilot tube
C. thermocouple
D. burner pipe

The purpose of grounding electrical circuits is to
A. protect equipment from damage
B. protect the building from lightning
C. carry the unbalanced load
D. lower circuit potential to ground