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Industrial Mechanic

Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 184

Areas Covered:

13% Maintain Miscellaneous Pumps
13% Maintain Electrical Systems
11% Fabricate
16% Perform Miscellaneous Duties
8% Maintain/Install Piping Systems
13% Maintain Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Vacuum Systems
8% Maintain Instrumentation Systems
13% Maintain Drive/Conveyor Systems
5% Maintain Heating/Cooling Systems

Sample Questions:

What is the procedure for parallel alignment of coupling?
A. Straight edge across the two coupler flanges at two points 90 degrees apart
B. Straight edge across the two coupler flanges at four points 90 degrees apart
C. Straight edge across the two coupler flanges rotate and check at four points
D. Straight edge “on center” of flanges

The magnet that turns inside the motor is the
A. rotor
B. stator
C. coil
D. bell

When a regulator is attached to a fully charged cylinder of oxygen, the tank cylinder valve should be opened very slowly to prevent
A. damage to the safety pressure release valve
B. a loss of oxygen in case of a leak at the connections
C. damage to the regulator from the sudden high pressure
D. dirt from entering the regulator suddenly

An electrical fire should be extinguished with a
A. blanket
B. soda acid fire extinguisher
C. CO2 fire extinguisher
D. fire hose

A globe valve may be used as a flow-control valve because
A. it will flow in one direction only
B. it may be operated partially open
C. its stem does not rise when it is opened
D. either side may be used as the pressure side