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Logistics Technology/Distribution Center Services

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:


Operations/Safety and Ergonomics

  • Practice and incorporate safety and ergonomics into all activities
  • Follow government (including OSHA) and local regulations
  • Effectively handle gases and hazardous materials in the warehouse


Operations/Inventory Management

  • Manage process and flow of inventory
  • Distinguish physical characteristics of inventory
  • Use inventory storage systems
  • Maintain accurate inventory visibility



  • Use proper inventory ordering practices



  • Effectively complete process of accepting inbound shipments
  • Complete quality control process
  • Execute inventory transactions



  • Identify optimal inventory storage method
  • Perform physical putaway process


Operations/Picking (Order Selection)

  • Distinguish and choose the most appropriate picking methods
  • Perform physical picking process



  • Complete packing of case shipments
  • Complete packing of pallet shipments



  • Follow procedures for potential outbound transportation modes
  • Complete shipments for small package carriers
  • Execute international shipments
  • Execute shipments of hazardous materials


Operations/Material Handling Equipment

  • Practice general safety and ergonomics
  • Operate non-powered material handling trucks
  • Perform palletization and strapping procedures
  • Identify loads and the load effects when operating a forklift
  • Operate electric rider lift truck
  • Operate power low-lift hand truck
  • Operate narrow aisle lift truck
  • Operate carousel inventory storage system
  • Identify and use the proper material handling storage systems



  • Manage the use of radio frequency technology in operations
  • Use WMS (Warehouse Management System) as applicable in operations


Customer Relations/Direct Communication with Customers

  • Develop professional communication skills with customers


Customer Relations/Customer Requirement Analysis

  • Use quality standards for services
  • Perform customer needs assessments
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction

Logistics/Supply Chain Management

  • Identify components of the supply chain
  • Identify relationships between supply chain components
  • Use proper logistics terminology


Logistics/Industry Trends and Current Topics

  • Identify the importance of globalization on the supply chain


Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours   
Number of Questions: 157

Areas Covered: 

Operations/Safety and Ergonomics: 18%

Operations/Inventory Management: 11%

Operations/Procurement: 3%

Operations/Receiving: 9%

Operations/Putaway: 6%

Operations/Picking (Order Selection): 4%

Operations/Packing: 3%

Operations/Shipping: 8%

Operations/Material Handling Equipment: 17%


Customer Relations/Direct Communication with Customers: 1%

Customer Relations/ Customer Requirement Analysis: 5%

Logistics/Supply Chain Management: 4%

Logistics/Industry Trends and Current Topics: 1%


Sample Questions:

The department concerned specifically with buying new or replacing depleted stock is

  1. warehousing
  2. supply chain
  3. research and development
  4. procurement


The most economical piece of picking equipment is

  1. carousel
  2. pick to light
  3. static shelving
  4. high rise racking


A substance used to protect goods during a shipment is called

  1. palletized
  2. dunnage
  3. shrinkage
  4. packing tape


A consignee of a shipment can be defined as the

  1. intermediary delivery company
  2. original shipper
  3. final party to receive shipment
  4. broker


To provide quality customer service, it is most important to focus on which of the following?

  1. wants and needs
  2. travel plans
  3. complaints
  4. personality


Performance Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours and 45 minutes  
Number of Jobs: 5


Areas Covered:

14% Inventory Control/Cycle Count
Sign on to computer or find inventory card, navigate inventory database to inventory records, find location of goods, perform accurate count, and successfully perform maintenance to selected item in inventory card.

36% Material Handling Equipment
Perform proper operations using hand tools as designated by proctor – utility knife, tape gun, heavy duty stapler; proper lifting technique, proper carrying technique, heat sealer, scale, shrink wrap, move designated cartons using the following – 2-wheel truck, 4-wheel truck, manual pallet jack;  place cartons on 4-way pallet (2 course high), secure cartons on one side of 4-way pallet by placing single nylon band and clip, load properly, use ergonomic practices, use personal protective gear, operate a truck, manual pallet jack, electric pallet jack, electric powered rider truck, reach truck, stock picker, do a safety check on equipment, operate controls properly, maneuver forward, backward, stop, and operate a procedure to combine moving machine with a load.

17% Receiving
Secure a carton from receiving area, open it to check contents against packing slip, reseal the carton, use PPE, use proper equipment and techniques, check consignee, obtain purchase order and write PO number, check packing list against purchase order, and indicate shortages and/or discrepancies by procedure.

20% Order Fulfillment Process
Fill in necessary information in designated areas of order header, enter all necessary information in body of order form, select the proper shipping container for each order, pack each order in a manner that will protect the items from damage, prepare the packing slip for each order and enclose and/or attach to the order, prepare and affix shipping labels, weigh each order and list the weight on each package, and show safe and proper use of all cutting tools.

13% Bill of Lading
Proper Bill of Lading number was used, name of the carrier was listed in the proper location, shipment was consigned properly, proper destination was indicated, trailer number was listed, number of packages was listed correctly, descriptions were listed correctly, and weights and classes were listed correctly.

Sample Job: Order Fulfillment Process
Maximum Time:   1 hour
Participant Activity:   Using the facilities picking process, the participant will complete two order picks, entering the designated information/data on the forms provided.