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Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 188

Areas Covered:

4% Ball Bearings
3% Basic Terms of Maintenance
3% Brakes and Clutches
6% Centrifugal Pumps
8% Coupling Alignment
3% Couplings
4% Electricity and Applications
5% Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Sheet Metal
14% Hydraulics
12% Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
5% Lubrication Techniques
33% Machine Tool Practices

Sample Questions:

Couplings are used to ______from one machine to another.
A. decrease power
B. transmit power
C. amplify power
D. reduce power

The bypass valve in a pressure filter is used to protect the
A. filter
B. pump
C. pressure line
D. electric motor

A slip clutch is used
A. to limit torque
B. to reduce speed
C. as a brake
D. as a torque arm

A light oil has
A. a high viscosity index
B. low viscosity
C. high film strength
D. good oxidation resistance

The second hardest abrasive is
A. emery
B. crocus
C. boron
D. diamond