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Manufacturing Technician

Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 183

Areas Covered:

16% Oxy-Acetylene Welding
4% General Knowledge/Safety (Welding)
14% Pipefitting/Installation
10% General Knowledge/Safety (Pipefitting)
4% Hydraulics – Actuators
3% Hydraulics – Pumps/Accumulators
7% Hydraulic Valves
12% Hydraulic Systems/Theory
8% Instrumentation – Sensors/Transducers
6% Instrumentation – Process Controller
3% Instrumentation Theory
7% Air Conditioning Theory and Controls
6% Aid Conditioning Servicing

Sample Questions:

To insure proper installation of plastic pipe after glue is applied,
A. insert pipe into fitting and hold
B. insert pipe into fitting and turn ¼ turn
C. allow glue to set first and then insert pipe into fitting
D. insert pipe into fitting and then reglue the outside of pipe and fitting

Safety-wise, the worst thing to do when repacking a high pressure valve is
A. not removing old packing
B. repacking under pressure
C. repacking with wrong material
D. over-tightening the packing

A double-acting hydraulic cylinder
A. exerts force in two directions at once
B. can exert force in either direction
C. exerts force only in one direction
D. has a spring return

In troubleshooting a hydraulic circuit with a noisy pump, which of the following is not a likely cause of the trouble?
A. air entering pump inlet
B. misalignment of pump and drive unit
C. pressure relief valve set too low
D. dirty inlet strainer

The temperature range of a transmitter is 0-200 degrees. The output signal range is 3-15 psig. What would be the expected output signal for an input temperature of 150 degrees?
A. 6 psig
B. 9 psig
C. 11.25 psig
D. 12 psi