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Master Machine Repair

Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 171

Areas Covered:

4% Couplings
3% Centrifugal Pumps
16% Hydraulics
7% Fluid Power
8% Pneumatics
6% Control Joints and Anchor Bolts
12% Motor Controls
9% Symbols
6% Transformer and Lighting
6% Alternating Current
9% Direct Current
10% Programmable Controller
4% National Electrical Code

Sample Questions:

The seal in a centrifugal pump may be necessary to prevent 

  1. fluid from leaking out around the shaft
  2. B. fluid from leaking out around the flange
  3. C. air from leaking into the pump
  4. D. both A and C 

Which of the following pump types does not have a variable displacement feature? 

  1. gear type
  2. B. vane type
  3. C. piston type
  4. D. none of the above 

Whenever you are replacing a solenoid, you should 

  1. be certain that the spool in the valve is shifting freely
  2. wait until the fluid in the system has cooled to the normal operating temperature before testing
  3. watch the indicator lights to be certain that the solenoid is shifting in the valve properly
  4.  check the resistance of the coil with a meter to be certain that the problem is not in the system’s wiring 

The valve type that should be used to control a single-acting cylinder is 

  1. a two-way
  2. a three-way
  3. a four-way
  4. any of the above 

Even when a PC is powered down, you could receive a potentially dangerous shock inside the controller from the 

  1. input modules
  2. capacitors
  3. field wiring
  4. bus cables