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Mechanical and Fluid Power Maintenance

Advanced Skill Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 150

Areas Covered:

35% Industrial Mechanics
15% Pneumatics
7% Machine Tool Practices
3% Measurements and Machine Tools
13% Mechanical Drive Components
7% Welding

Sample Questions:

When using a nut, bolt, flat washer, and lock washer in assembly work, where should the lock washer be positioned?
A. next to the head of the bolt
B. between the flat washer and the part
C. between the nut and the flat washer
D. the position of the lock washer is irrelevant

Roller chain couplings are usually lubricated with
A. a light grease
B. a heavy oil
C. a heavy grease
D. a light oil

The purpose of a counterbalance valve is which of the following?
A. to maintain control of a vertical cylinder to prevent it from descending due to gravity
B. to balance the pressure in two parts of a system
C. to balance the flow rates
D. none of the above

A hydraulic directional control valve
A. conditions fluid
B. cools fluid
C. starts, stops, or changes direction of fluid
D. drains fluid

The maximum allowable gap between the face of the wheel and the tool rest on a pedestal grinder is
A. 1/8 inch
B. 1/16 inch
C. 1/32 inch
D. 1/4 inch