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Mechanical Systems

Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 160

Areas Covered:

1% Basic Terms of Maintenance
1% Electricity and Applications
12% Hydraulics
25% Industrial Maintenance Mechanics
8% Machine Tool Practices
4% Measurements and Machine Tool
17% Mechanical Drive Components
7% Pneumatics
18% Welding
7% Lubrication Techniques

Sample Questions:

Hydraulic energy is primarily directed and controlled by
A. cylinders
B. electricity
C. pumps
D. valves

Why are wear strips used in high-speed manufacturing operations?
A. reduce wear on costly machine parts
B. help a machine to wear evenly
C. compensate for machine wear
D. reinforce parts that are fragile

When machining a rectangular part on a milling machine, to finish the third side, the first machined side must be placed in the vise against
A. the moveable jaw
B. the solid jaw
C. the base
D. a pair of parallels

Abrasive cutoff saws separate material by grinding. This makes them valuable for cutting
A. nonferrous metals
B. extremely tough or hardened material
C. internal contours
D. external radii

At each pneumatic work station, the proper sequence of components is which of the following?
A. lubricator-regulator-filter
B. regulator-lubricator-filter
C. filter-regulator-lubricator
D. lubricator-filter-regulator