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Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment:

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 192

Areas Covered:

5% Respond to Work Orders
15% Pipefitting Tools/Equipment
7% Installation Procedures
14% Installation of Pipe
12% Maintain Stream Systems
12% Maintain Condensate Return Systems
5% Maintain Chemical Systems
3% Maintain Compound Systems
7% Maintain Air Systems
4% Maintain Processed Water Systems
5% Maintain Fire Systems
3% Maintain Resident Epoxy Systems
8% Maintain Miscellaneous Systems

Sample Questions:

What color hose is used for oxygen on oxy-acetylene welding equipment?
A. black
B. red
C. green
D. blue

Welded joints are preferred for applications involving
A. low temperatures, high pressure
B. high temperatures, high pressure
C. low temperature, low pressure
D. high temperature, low pressure

To insure proper installation of plastic pipe after glue is applied,
A. insert pipe into fitting and hold
B. insert pipe into fitting and turn ¼ turn
C. allow glue to set first and then insert pipe into fitting
D. insert pipe into fitting and then reglue the outside of pipe and fitting

If the pressure of saturated steam is raised, the
A. specific volume increases and the temperature rises
B. temperature rises and the specific volume decreases
C. specific volume decreases and the temperature decreases
D. temperature decreases and the specific volume increases

To insure proper operation of a check valve, it is necessary to install it
A. after the water meter
B. before the hot water heater
C. correctly at the proper angle
D. on the outlet side of the hot water heater