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Entry Level Assessment Blueprint

Specific Competencies and Skills Tested in this Assessment:

Written Assessment: 

Administration Time: 3 hours
Number of Questions: 200

Areas Covered: 

18% Water Supply and Distribution
18% Drainage, Waste, and Venting Systems
5% Installation and Operation of Storm Water Drainage
11% Plumbing Fixtures
5% Industrial and Special Waste
8% Safety
3% Inspection and Tests
15% General Trade Information
17% Plumbing Math and Drawing Interpretations

Sample Questions: 

When two different water supplies are connected and one of the supplies is of a questionable nature, it is necessary to install a 

  1. vacuum breaker
  2. gate valve
  3. globe valve
  4. backflow prevention device 

Battery venting is accomplished by 

  1. a vent connecting one or more individual vents with the vent stack
  2. a vertical vent that is a continuation of the drains to which it connects
  3. a loop or circuit vent connecting from two to eight fixtures which are located close to one another
  4. increasing the horizontal run one pipe size larger 

Which of the following is not a roughing-in measurement for a water closet (normal) use discharge? 

  1. 10 inches
  2. 12 inches
  3. 14 inches
  4. 16 inches 

The water test may be applied to the drainage and vent system in its entirety or in sections. If tested in sections, not more than ____ feet in height on any one system shall be tested at one time.

  1. 25
  2. 30
  3. 35
  4. 40

A sump is a tank or pit located below the normal grade of the gravity system which must be emptied by mechanical means. Its primary function is to receive 

  1. waste from floor drains only
  2. clear water waste only
  3. waste containing chemicals in solution
  4. sewage in general 

Performance Assessment: 

Administration Time: 5 hours

Number of Jobs:

Areas Covered: 

12% Copper Pipe Assembly Tubing cut to correct length and filed; tubing and fittings properly cleaned, fluxed and assembled to specified dimensions; piping assembly soldered using correct industry practices and in correct alignment; joints wiped and cleaned; safety standards followed. 

12% Steel Pipe Threading Assembly Pipe cut to correct length and correctly reamed and threaded; excess oil and steel chips removed; pipe joint compound applied to threaded joint; pipe and all fittings correctly tightened and assembled in correct alignment; all joints wiped and cleaned; safety standards followed. 

12% Plastic Pipe Assembly Pipe cut to specified length and filed; pipe and fittings cleaned and pipe prepared with cleaning solvent; pipe glued and assembled in correct alignment; assembly neat and free of excess cement, safety standards followed. 

32% Copper Riser and Rail Rough-in Fixture centerlines identified; rail and riser layout to drawing specifications; split ring hangers and wall plates installed properly and secured; all holes cut to specified dimensions; copper tubing cut to specified length and filed; tubing and fittings cleaned, fluxed, assembled, aligned, soldered and wiped clean; assembly leak free when pressure tested with water; safety standards followed. 

32% Soil Pipe Rough-in with Fixture Installation Fixture centerlines correctly identified; soil pipe layout according to rough-in specifications; lavatory branch fixture layout; all holes cut to specified dimensions, soil pipe cut to specified dimensions, soil pipe and fittings assembled, packed, poured and caulked according to accepted plumbing practices; riser clamp installed and tightened; plastic fixture branch cut, filed, cleaned and bonded; plastic fixture branch installed and secured; lavatory fixture installed; water closet secure to floor flange; electrical and fixture safety observed. 

Sample Job:

Plastic Pipe Assembly 

Estimated Job Time: 30 minutes 

Participant Activity: The participant is to fabricate the plastic pipe and plastic 

fittings, using the drawing provided in the booklet as reference. The participant will neatly assemble the plastic pipe, using standard industry practices. All joints must be of the type specified, using the proper bonding procedure. The finished job shall be assembled, aligned and soldered to the dimensions shown on the drawing.