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Testing Locations

By partnering with community colleges, career development centers, and Workforce Investment Boards, NBS has established the Industry Resource Center (IRC) Program, providing job assessment services to communities throughout the U.S. With IRCs, we bring pre-employment assessment and job evaluation testing locations to you.

Services & Locations

If you are currently searching for a testing location to send prospective or current employees­­­­­­, chances are there is an IRC located near you. Use our IRC locator to help find your best options.

IRC Locator

If you have any questions about finding an IRC, contact us at 800.334.6283.

Interested in Becoming an IRC?

By becoming an IRC, you provide a full range of NBS assessment services for your existing and emerging testing center business to your industry clientele. An IRC designation will support your organization in partnering with clients, who will turn to you for assistance in developing educational and training programs. Together, you will ensure that your local community is hiring the most-skilled workers to create the best workforce possible.

To become an IRC, view the link below to download an application.

IRC Locator

Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.

IRC Locations

The Community College of Denver
Great Oaks Institute of Technology & Career Development - Assessment Lab/Scarlet Oaks - Career Development Campus

Columbus State Community College Center for Workforce Development

The Career Center-Adult Education Technical Training

Umpqua Training & Employment, Inc.

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