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Nocti Business Solutions and the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) have joined to offer college credits through prior learning assessments (PLAs).

The assessments will evaluate the individual’s work and life experiences to determine if the skills translate into college-level courses. Those with advanced knowledge can bypass some coursework in their pursuit of a degree.

Over 1500 colleges and universities across the United States accept NCCRS credits. These institutions will potentially grant 1–6 credit hours to an individual based on the score of a Prior Learning Assessment. A minimum score of 70% is required to be eligible for college credit.

Nocti Business Solutions offers PLAs in dozens of subjects. The cost of a PLA for any subject is $150.00. Individuals can complete the assessment at an NBS-approved testing facility, listed here, or take an online assessment administered by a virtual proctor. A webcam is required for online testing.

Nocti Business Solutions is proud to offer hands-on customer care to those seeking our services. Organizations or individuals who have questions about prior learning assessments can contact NBS at 1-800-334-6283 or email us at