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Trying to hire the right job prospects for your company? Finding the right employee can be tough. Some organizations employ pre-hire testing to “confirm” they have the right candidate. But “one size fits all” testing may not be the right way to go.

The fact is the “right” employee is different from field to field. A food & beverage company may be looking for different qualities in an employee than a manufacturing or electrical company might desire.

This is why Nocti Business Solutions (NBS), a leader in creating pre-employment assessments, stresses the importance of custom test development. NBS designs customized tests for individual industries and organizations to ensure an employee fits a position’s specific challenges and needs.

How does NBS create customized job assessments?
There are 3 Steps to the process of building a custom test:

Step 1: Job/Task Analysis
First, NBS sends a psychometric facilitator to work with the organization’s Subject Matter Experts (SME) to observe and gather data on a particular job. Throughout the process, they collaborate to perform a job and task analysis, to articulate what skills are needed for the position.

Then, NBS facilitates the creation of a test that directly links to the tasks related to the job. The assessment is built not only to correspond an employee’s skill set to a job’s requirements, but to the position’s long-term development.

Step 2: Validation
Once the assessment is created it goes through a pilot testing process to begin the validation process. The test is given to a diverse sample group to gather data on the assessment. The data is then analyzed and put through a bias review.

The item analysis and bias review are integral steps to building a valid and reliable test. During this process, the results are examined to identify any questions that were unanimously answered correct or incorrect to eliminate questions that may be confusing or unnecessary.

The bias review aims to level the playing field. All results are inspected to see if certain questions favor one demographic, gender or race over another. If so, NBS can reconstruct the question to be universally fair to all participants.

Step 3: Scoring
Once NBS and their client are comfortable with the test, a cut score workshop is performed. The term “cut score” refers to the score that one needs to pass. During the workshop, the SME team determines a cut score that is legally defensible based on all accumulated data.

When the validation process is complete, the test is ready to be utilized for pre-employment testing or for promotional purposes.

Working with Nocti Business Solutions to create a thorough and reliable custom test for your company is the most precise avenue to securing long-term results. To find out what they have in store for you, or to learn more about customized tests, call (800) 334-6283 or visit