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Nocti Business Solutions provides practical methods and tools to select the right candidates for the right position. Employers across different industries are using NBS’ job skills assessments and employee assessment tests to ensure that they have the appropriate people working in positions throughout their company. We offer off-the-shelf assessments and we also help employers design, create, and implement the assessments to ensure a seamless recruitment or promotion process.

Advanced Skill Assessments

Advanced skill assessments are ideal for identifying the skills and capabilities needed of experienced  employees. Each job skills assessment is three hours in length and features a written (multiple choice)test that covers multiple areas of a particular field. NBS offers tests for different occupations, such as die making, machine repair, pipefitter, maintenance, general technician, mechanical systems, and lead maintenance. We also provide a detailed report for each candidate detailing their individual strengths and weaknesses to help in making the right selection for a job.

Entry Level Assessments

Our entry-level assessments are useful for assessing recent graduates or production operators for new labor or administrative positions. These evaluations help to determine if a candidate is well-suited for your company and the job. Employers can use industry-specific tests to match a candidate’s experience with the job requirements. Our assessments are beneficial during the hiring process or when developing existing employees to prepare them for additional duties in their positions. The results of the test help to identify employees who require further training and the specific strengths and weaknesses of candidates or employees.

Experienced Worker Assessments

Some vacant jobs require a higher level of skill than what an Entry Level Assessment covers. In these cases, Nocti Business Solutions offers Experienced Worker Assessments which are written for a higher level of competency than the Entry Level Assessments.  In addition, with ever-changing work environments, industry standards, and job needs, some organizations choose to periodically assess their incumbent workers  to ensure they continue to meet the requirements for their position. Nocti Business Solutions provides reporting to the organizations to better understand where their employee’s gaps may be, what their demographic looks like and readout’s of tasks that identify areas to help improve performance.

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