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It’s no secret that many companies have been forced to reevaluate business models and try to find new ways forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain disruptions, social distancing practices to keep workers safe, working from home where feasible, conducting meetings and interviews over video calls, shifting toward automation, retraining employees for new procedures and equipment—how can you ensure your business is ready to meet current challenges while building up a quality workforce with a skill set for the future?

At Nocti Business Solutions, our mission is to enhance your workforce through tailored performance solutions. Here are three key areas where NBS may be able to help you navigate through the pandemic. While these are not new ways to do business, they may help you pivot and thrive as the economy opens up.

1. Hiring


Integrating skills-based assessments into your hiring process helps you find the most qualified candidates for specific roles. Rather than rely solely on interviews, resumes, or self-assessment (personality) tests, skills assessments from NBS measure skills related to specific competencies needed for the position.

For example, our entry-level welding assessment covers safety topics, blueprint reading, physical characteristics and mechanical properties of metals, and the fundamentals of the various types of welding. Like many of our assessments, the test also includes a performance component where candidates must demonstrate their skills with a series of tasks. With a deeper look into specific skills and knowledge, pre-employment tests give employers an accurate, objective, legally defensible, perspective of a candidate’s competence.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

As the economy slowly opens, employers will need to consider rehiring or replacing workers. Depending on the changes in response to COVID-19, some may be looking to hire workers with different skill sets. The cost of replacing an employee is high, taking an average of 42 days and $4,129. Costs (both time and resources) are higher for those affected by long-standing skills gaps and, more recently, COVID-19 complications have made it even more difficult for employers to hire qualified candidates with the right technical skills.

Pre-employment testing enables employers to efficiently screen candidates to find those with the right skills and knowledge for the position. With more qualified candidates to choose from, hiring managers can cut down on costs and reduce the overall time-to-hire, confidently hiring the most competent and skilled applicant for a position.

2. Evaluation

Job Performance Indicator

It can be difficult to predict a candidate’s job performance based solely on applications, resumes, or behavior-based tests. Job applicants commonly stretch the truth about their skills and experience on applications or fill out personality questionnaires with the answers they believe will increase their chances of being hired. Behavior-based forms of assessments make it hard to differentiate between candidates and are not an accurate indicator of job performance.

Instead, our skills-based pre-employment tests offer a concrete way to measure skills and knowledge relevant to the industry and the position. Hiring managers gain insight into an applicant’s specific skill level and see areas of strength and weaknesses. Companies using competency-based tests are 24% more likely to have employees who exceed performance goals.

Qualified Workforce

Pre-employment testing helps lessen the chances of a bad hire and decreases turnover rate. With a close look at a candidate’s specific skills and abilities, hiring managers can confidently place qualified individuals where they are needed most. Additionally, the insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses allows for more targeted training and reduces time to competency.

Even after a new hire reaches competency, they must work to maintain their technical skillset as procedures, materials, equipment, and regulations change. Technical assessments from NBS are updated on a regular basis to ensure they measure the most current and industry-relevant standards. With three different assessment levels Entry-Level, Experienced Worker, and Advanced Skill, we work with you to make sure any assessment you’re considering is the right one. We can even create customized skills assessments specific to your organizational needs.

3. Recognition

Certification Partners

NBS partners with a number of organizations to offer nationally-validated and industry-recognized certifications. Certification helps demonstrate the competency of your workforce and offers your organization a competitive advantage and unique marketability. Certification programs include ones from the Advanced Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC), the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), FANUC (Robotics), and many more.

Digital Badging

Hiring a quality workforce is only one aspect of providing goods or services in your market. Maintaining that workforce is critical, and a key component of workforce maintenance is employee recognition. Whether you need to recognize employee longevity, technical competence, or special contributions, NBS can help. Our full-fledged digital badging system is recognized globally. Digital badges are easy-to-use and are provided in a secure environment that includes a free, permanent storage locker for your employees to store their badges.

Partner with NBS to Build a Skilled & Competent Workforce

How will your business emerge from the pandemic? Do you have a plan to develop qualified employees ready to meet increasing demand? Our objective at NBS is to help you accurately assess the knowledge and skills of candidates and employees so you can focus on building a skilled and competent workforce. Whether through pre-employment testing, industry certifications, or digital badging, we’re ready to help you emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever and equipped to meet challenges both new and old.

Please contact us with any questions or if you’d like more information on pre-employment tests. We’re happy to set up a free consultation and discuss which of our services would be a good fit for your organization.

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