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Factory workerAt Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) we aim to help our manufacturing partners be as successful as possible. With our industry knowledge and extensive experience, we have identified the factors that help build success within a factory environment. Fundamentally, success will not be achieved working from the outside in. It begins with the leadership of the company flowing through them to its employees. Of course, reaching success is a long journey that requires time and a plethora of factors, with positivity being one that is absolutely essential.

Importance of Positivity

First, let’s make sure that we all understand what we mean by positivity. When we say, “be positive” we do not expect you to be overly optimistic, ignoring the realities of unfavorable situations. That type of behavior will not lead to success; quite the opposite in fact. What we mean is to create an environment that is goal oriented, centered on reaching those goals through positive reinforcement. We mean rewarding achievements and, more importantly, your workers’ efforts. By positively reinforcing efforts towards your goals, you stimulate more focus on the work along with a more prideful workforce.

Success from bossBenefits for a Business

Of course, being positive is not a new or even uncommon piece of advice. That is because positivity does lead to success — plain and simple. By positively engaging a workforce a company creates an environment that inspires employees to give a valiant effort. A positive work environment also reduces stress and increases happiness, both of which are ideal for any worker. This is especially true in a factory setting where focus is key to heightened productivity.

More Benefits of having a Positive Work Environment:

  1. Worker Retention: Employees are much more likely to stay at a company that is known to have a positive work environment.
  2. Eliminates Fear: Workers who are surrounded by positivity are less likely to rely on improvisation; becoming active learners — asking questions without fear of ridicule, being accountable for their mistakes.
  3. Mental Health: It’s no secret that positivity is essential for proper mental health which opens the door for a vast amount of favorable results such as being able to quickly adapt to change, being pleasant to have in the work environment, reducing anxiety, and more.
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How to Create Positivity in a Factory Environment

Of course, anyone can say “be positive”; it’s effortless to do. But, what is an excellent piece of advice without some ideas of how to go about it? Below are a few tactics that we have found helpful for projecting positivity into a factory environment:

  1. Starts with the Boss: The attitude of any group will always reflect the leadership they receive, especially in a manufacturing setting. Whether you are a team leader, foreman, supervisor or CEO, to create positivity you must set the example. Your team of workers looks to you to see how the job should be done. So, if you positively work towards your goals that attitude will trickle down to your employees.
  2. Address Employee Needs: It’s hard to be positive in an environment that ignores your needs. By creating a program where you listen to the needs of your employees and address them, you create an environment where workers are happy to be a part. Obviously, addressing every need can be time-consuming and expensive, but remember a little effort can go a long way. Keep in mind, the two most important factors for addressing employee needs are listening and equality.
  3. Set Attainable Goals: Being goal-oriented, combined with positive reinforcement, creates an atmosphere of positivity. It’s crucial to center your workforce’s mentality on efficiently reaching a goal rather than just doing the work. That projects the idea of “hard work pays off”, which indeed it does. Keep in mind goals must be realistic, well defined, and measurable. Once workers meet a goal they should be acknowledged and rewarded. Of course, that can vary based on the goal, team size, the personality of leadership, and a wide assortment of other factors. A few ideas to help create a goal-attentive workforce are:
    1. A Piecework Bonus Program
    2. Gamification
    3. Providing Positive Feedback

Factory worker leaping for joyJust like success, positivity does not happen overnight.

Infusing positivity into your workforce is not an overnight process but with time and effort, you can see how positivity creates an environment surrounded by success — especially in a factory setting.

As you make a move toward a more goal-oriented work environment, keep in mind a vital factor for setting attainable goals is proper training. Workers who are well-trained know how to work efficiently, making it easy for you to create measurable and realistic goals. NBS is eager to help you understand where to start in training your workforce with our manufacturing focused assessments and certification programs. By identifying what your workers need to know, you can provide the training materials they need.