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At Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) we understand just how difficult it is to design a fully effective training program. In light of that, we develop and share tools that help in the planning and design of training material.  In hope of helping you make the most of your training efforts.

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The Benefits of Assessment and Evaluation Tests

Of course, there are several significant benefits for assessing or evaluating your workforce, whether you are searching for the best candidate to fill a position or gauging which current employee deserves a promotion. Being able to quantify your workforce’s knowledge level is a significant advantage in any industry. At the pre-employment level, you create a more efficient hiring process, ensure a safe work environment, produce a lower turnover rate, and safeguard cost savings. Keep in mind, by evaluating current employees, you also measure employee skill-levels, maintain standards, increase worker morale, and document employee growth.

Clearly, assessments and evaluations have their fair share of benefits. More importantly, they both share a universal benefit; the opportunity to use the data gained from test results to optimize training programs and material.

Each report offers different sets of data to use in various aspects of analyzing and developing your training program.

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How to use Assessment Tests to Improve Employee Training

At NBS we have found that not everyone uses the full potential of testing results.  In fact, the vast majority of test providers only see results as conclusive evidence instead of analyzing the collected data. Furthermore, managers lose the opportunity to use that information to optimize their internal training. To help reverse this trend, we’ve provided three methods for using test results to grow and improve training programs.

Gauge overall learning and identify knowledge gaps

By using standardized or custom tests, you can identify knowledge gaps within an entire workforce. Collective data identifies trends within a group, showing team leaders and managers what material to include in their training program. After all, if leadership does not provide the right information, employees cannot learn it. By identifying the needed material and including it in your program, you remove all excuses for ignorance, deliver adequate information, and heighten your workforce’s knowledge-level.

Individual assessments reveal specific needs

You can improve your training at the individual level, which makes pre-employment assessment results especially useful for training new hires. Most think pre-employment tests are only for deciding to hire or pass on a candidate, when in fact they can be used for much more. With the results of an individual’s assessment, you identify the exact level of expertise and potential an individual has in each sub-category or duty area of the test. That gives you the opportunity to design a training program specific to that individual’s knowledge and skill level. It allows you to train them only in the areas in which they need training and not waste valuable time training them in areas they are already proficient.  With that, you give a candidate ALL the insight they need to become an impactful member of your workforce.

Review and adjust training program

By assessing your workforce, you also measure what areas of training are retained or forgotten. You see, the idea is to use the same testing material throughout an entire group of employees. Once results are in, analyze the data and identify trends amongst the group; identifying which receive high and low scores. Then connect each area of the test to specific aspects of your training programs—having recognized which ones need to improve.

Testing Data

Building a superior workforce with insightful data

NBS Score Reports provide the results of every participant, allowing you to take an in-depth look at the overall performance of your workforce, individually or collectively. Think of Score Reports as a highly detailed report card, delivered shortly after compiling the results. With these reports, you go beyond a pass/fail approach, and gain valuable insight into your workforce. You’ll even have access to comparative data, showing how well your employees compare to the rest of the industry.

NBS provides four types of score reports:

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Cannot build a better workforce with tests alone

Tests and data do not develop a better workforce alone. Assessment and evaluation tests identify employees’ knowledge levels but, more importantly, help recognize the potential in a group or individual. After acknowledging that potential, it is the responsibility of those in leadership positions to use the data they have gathered to optimize their workforce. They must provide the right training and material to ensure every employee is adequately trained and has the knowledge to be successful in their role.

Remember, if you have interest or questions on how you can use Assessments tests to better optimize training programs, contact us today!