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The hiring process is stressful enough, but Nocti Business Solutions improves your odds, regardless of industry, by offering customized job assessment services to help you choose and retain the most qualified candidates.

Experience You Can Trust

Our clients range from product manufacturers and service technicians to retail merchants and hospitality providers. We design our assessments to reflect the unique demands of each industry, and we tailor our services to suit the needs of every individual client. Whether you’re interested in our innovative digital badging system, custom testing solutions, standardized evaluations, or prior learning assessments, Nocti Business Solutions leads the way to success.

How Employee Testing Helps

Under qualified employees put your company at risk. We offer pre-employment job assessment services, as well as performance and talent evaluations for current employees to help you keep your team safe, efficient, and productive. Pre-employment examinations make it easier to choose qualified candidates who suit your company culture, which reduces turnover rates and eliminates the need to hire again in the near future. Assessments of current employees provide valuable insight for performance reviews, and they’re an excellent way to gauge your team’s training needs.

We Assess Technical Skills in Multiple Industries

Nocti Business Solutions is one of few job skills assessment companies offering technical skills testing for specific jobs and tasks. Our collection of standardized exams includes entry-level, experienced, and advanced evaluations of technical skills in dozens of industries, including electrical, machine repair, pipefitting, and construction. Our custom testing solutions are ideal for specialized positions and specific business challenges.

We’re Committed to Your Team’s Success

Developing and implementing an effective assessment solution often presents challenges. Nocti Business Solutions is with you every step of the way. We start by helping you identify your needs and define your employment goals, and we work with you to create and administer tests that fulfill your requirements. From personalized digital badges to test registration to industry-recognized certifications, our passionate staff is ready to assist. Give us a call at 1-800-334-6283 to discuss the job assessment services that are right for you.