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At Nocti Business Solutions (NBS), we strive to help companies achieve success through hiring quality candidates, which is why we offer a wide variety of pre-employment and employment evaluation tests. Many companies need industrial maintenance mechanics, but hiring skilled workers can be challenging. We provide several assessment levels for industrial maintenance mechanics, but the most popular is our entry-level Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment. We’ve designed this test to help you identify the core competencies and skills of maintenance applicants.

The Challenges of Hiring Skilled Industrial Maintenance Mechanics

Resumes and interviews barely scratch the surface of an applicant’s technical skills. Most maintenance jobs cover a jack-of-all-trades type of skillset, which can be difficult to assess without an in-depth industrial maintenance pre-hire test.

In addition, the adoption of more sophisticated machinery and increased automation will require mechanics and technicians who have the knowledge to keep your equipment in good working order. As more industries enter the fast-paced world of automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), employers will need to fill maintenance jobs quickly and accurately.

How can you complete your due diligence and find candidates who have the right skills to be successful on the job? NBS offers a comprehensive industrial maintenance assessment test that accurately identifies a candidate’s technical skills and highlights any knowledge gaps that can be remedied with training.

How Can Our Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment Help You Hire the Best Candidate?

Any employer or hiring manager will admit that the hiring process is difficult. Over 80% of HR professionals say they’ve had difficulty recruiting suitable job candidates, and many say the skills gap is getting worse.

Skills-based assessments are the perfect complement to the hiring process. Our industrial maintenance pre-hire test provides you with quantifiable evidence of skills and knowledge in the core competencies required for Maintenance Mechanics or Technicians. The score report provides a detailed breakdown of how a candidate scored on each skill, so you can create a training plan to address weaker skills.

NBS’s on-staff psychometricians ensure that every level of maintenance mechanic test provides high-quality, actionable results for a number of different competencies.

Core Competencies

  • Machinery and Equipment Disassemble, Repair
  • Tools and Safety
  • Electronics and Electrical Principles
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Motors and Motor Controls
  • Mechanism Drives
  • Industrial Robotics Systems
  • Blueprints and Schematics
  • Find more details on core competencies and sample questions here.

Who Should Use the Industrial Maintenance Pre-Employment Test?

The test is designed for a wide variety of Maintenance Mechanics working in a manufacturing or production environment. Applicable job titles include Maintenance Mechanics and Maintenance Technicians. This test should not be given to applicants applying for grounds or cleaning maintenance roles.

We have clients in diverse industries who have found our maintenance mechanic test to be useful. These fields include manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, and more. We’ve even had breweries use our industrial maintenance pre-hire test to screen for skilled candidates.

industrial maintenance engineer in a safety vest and hard hat inspecting a green pipe

Benefits of Using A Quality Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment

Hiring decisions should not be made solely based on the results of an assessment. However, results provide an in-depth look at an applicant’s skill and knowledge level, giving you an accurate picture of how well an applicant can fill the desired job role. Assessments are an excellent complement to the hiring process, providing a first-hand look at how accurate an applicant’s resume is and what additional questions you may want to ask.

Top Benefits Include

Quantifiable data. See how well an applicant “knows their stuff.” With this maintenance mechanic test, you can gauge and quantify an applicant’s technical skills, allowing you to hire the best possible candidate quickly and confidently.

Core skills and competencies. Our test provides scores broken down by section, so you can see the candidate’s score for each competency. This helps employers identify in which areas an applicant’s skills are strong. Our industrial maintenance assessment test also makes it easy to identify any gaps in knowledge, so you can provide relevant training to bridge those gaps.

Safety. Electrical and mechanical maintenance can be dangerous if not performed correctly, which is why it is imperative to have knowledgeable employees complete the work. Our assessment helps show whether potential hires are up-to-date and aware of all safety regulations and procedures for themselves and other employees.

Less Downtime. Wherever there are moving parts, there is potential for maintenance, break-downs, and troubleshooting. Having experienced, skilled maintenance personnel—who can solve the problem faster—means less downtime for your company. Someone who can keep the machinery running smoothly and efficiently will add to your bottom line.

Candidates who are up-to-date for today’s complex systems. We very recently updated our industrial maintenance mechanic test, under the guidance of independent subject matter experts. The revisions reflect current industry standards and skills, so you can confidently hire candidates with the most relevant and up-to-date skills.

If you have been using the old version of the test (test code 2074), you should have received an email asking you to review the new version of the test (test code 2174) so NBS can confirm you are ready to make the switch. If not, please let us know, and we will help you make the transition.

Building a Superior Workforce with NBS

Work with NBS and start building a better workforce for tomorrow. Each of our pre-employment tests and skills assessments are designed to be accurate and fair. Our tests provide employers like you with quality data to make well-informed decisions and hire the best possible candidate.

Make sure to take a look at our entry-level assessment blueprint for industrial maintenance mechanics.

If you are interested in adding our assessment tests to your hiring process, contact us today. Our assessment specialists can provide you with more information about how skills assessments can help you hire qualified personnel.