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At Nocti Business Solutions (NBS), we strive to help companies achieve success, which is why we offer a wide variety of pre-employment and employment evaluation tests. One of our most popular and demanding fields is Industrial Maintenance, in which we offer several assessments and evaluation tests. The most popular is our entry-level Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment. This assessment test is designed to help employers identify the core competencies and skills of maintenance applicants.

The growing demand for Maintenance Mechanics

With the manufacturing industry at its highest peak since 2014, the demand for maintenance workers in the U.S. is on the rise as well. However, unlike 2014, the skills gap is growing at a rapidly increasing rate, leaving countless job roles empty, maintenance positions being one. Ultimately, this means that there are maintenance jobs that need to be filled quickly. In fact, the demand for maintenance mechanics and technicians is expected to rise to over 7% in the next year and continue to rise. However, we believe that just because a job role is in high demand does not mean that companies should settle for just any applicant. Rather, companies should work more diligently to ensure they hire an employee who has the ability to grow with their company, becoming a long-term asset in the workforce.

How can our Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment help you hire the best Maintenance Mechanic?

Any employer or hiring manager will admit that the hiring process is difficult. Some might even say it is the hardest part of their job. Resumes and interviews only provide a snippet of how an applicant will perform once brought into the workforce, which is why our assessment test is the perfect complement to the hiring process. Specifically, our Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment provides employers with quantifiable evidence of skills and knowledge in the core competencies for Maintenance Mechanics or Technicians.

Core competencies

  • Machinery and Equipment Disassemble, Repair
  • Tools and Safety
  • Electronics and Electrical Principles
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Motors and Motor Controls
  • Mechanism Drives
  • Industrial Robotics Systems
  • Blueprints and Schematics

Click here for more details on core competencies and sample questions.

Who should use the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment?

The test is designed to apply to a wide variety of Maintenance Mechanics working in a manufacturing or production environment. Applicable job titles include Maintenance Mechanics and Maintenance Technicians. This test should not be given to applicants applying for grounds or cleaning maintenance roles.

Benefits of using our Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Assessment

Of course, hiring decisions should not be solely made based on the results of our assessment test. However, results provide an in-depth look at an applicant’s skill and knowledge level, giving employers an accurate picture of how well an applicant can fill the desired job role. With that, assessments are an excellent complement to the hiring process; providing a first-hand look at how accurate an applicant’s resume is and what questions employers may want to ask.

Other benefits include:

  • Safety: Never have a worker on the floor who is not ready to be there. Maintenance is a significant part of safety within any facility, which is why it is imperative to keep the machinery running properly and smoothly. Also, maintenance workers must be up-to-date and well aware of all safety regulations and procedures for themselves and other employees.
  • Quantifiable data: Really see how well an applicant “knows their stuff”. With this assessment, employers have the ability to gauge and quantify an applicant’s skill-level, ultimately making their decision easier.
  • Core skills and competencies: Even if applicants do not score well on the entire assessment, the test and scores are broken down into sections for each competency. This gives employers the opportunity to identify which areas an applicant’s skills are strong and where they are lacking.

Building a superior workforce with NBS

Work with NBS today and start building a better workforce for tomorrow. Each of our pre-employment assessments and employment evaluations is designed to be accurate and fair. Our tests provide employers with the data they need to make well-informed decisions and hire the best possible person. If you have any interest in adding our assessment tests to your hiring process contact us today, our assessment specialists are standing by.