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Leisure and hospitality roles are known for high turnover and hiring challenges. The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that of the 8.5 million current job openings, 1.2 million of them are in the leisure and hospitality sector. High-tourism states like Florida and California have been experiencing a shortage of hospitality workers since the pandemic.

Even if employers receive applicants for open positions, it can be difficult to determine who has the right mix of technical and soft skills, especially for management roles. Resumes are not always a good measure of skills, and even interviews cannot comprehensively qualify the many skills it takes to manage hotel and restaurant logistics.

Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) is here to simplify these challenges! Our hospitality skills assessments measure a variety of technical and soft skills for specific hospitality roles so you can hire the right people with the right skills for the job.

What Our Hospitality Skills Assessments Measure

NBS has developed several hospitality skills assessments for different areas of the leisure and tourism industry. Follow the links below to read the specifics of the different tests.

  • Travel and Tourism – a general assessment with more tourism-specific questions like the different elements that enhance travel experience and seasonality
  • Lodging – skills specific to lodging services, including typical procedures for guests and guest satisfaction
  • Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Services – restaurant-related skills, including menu planning, effective customer service, and the logistics required to keep both front-of-house and back-of-house running smoothly
  • Commercial Foods – culinary skills, including sanitation, food preparation, and inventory flow
  • Hospitality Management (Lodging) – hotel management services, including marketing, sales, guest relations, and financial transactions
  • Hospitality Management (Food and Beverage) – restaurant management services, including marketing, sales, guest relations, and financial transactions

Each assessment page contains a link to the assessment blueprint, several sample questions, and the type of skills tested. For example, here are the areas covered by the Travel and Tourism assessment:

  • General Hospitality and Tourism Technical Skills: 13%
  • Travel and Tourism Services Technical Skills: 20%
  • Academic Foundations: 13%
  • Systems: 6%
  • Ethic and Legal Responsibilities: 6%
  • Communications: 13%
  • Information Technology Applications: 6%
  • Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Decision Making: 7%
  • Leadership and Teamwork: 6%
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental: 6%
  • Employability and Career Development: 4%

As you can see, these are quite comprehensive! One of the most significant benefits of using an assessment like this is that the results tell you the areas of strength, areas of weakness, and everything in between. It’s up to you to decide whether weaker areas can be corrected with training, or whether a candidate might be better suited to a different role.

The Benefits of NBS Hospitality Skills Assessments

Every assessment is thoroughly researched and validated, so you can be assured you are receiving reliable and fair results. We develop these tests with panels of industry experts to provide essential and actionable results for employers just like you.

Our assessments cover technical skills, including systems knowledge and critical thinking skills, but they also measure soft skills like communication and teamwork. When you hire well-rounded candidates, you can improve your employee turnover rates and build a workforce of qualified people.

The skills assessments also offer comprehensive results to show you areas where a candidate needs more coaching. This can help you hit the ground running with any skills gaps and provide training exactly where it is needed.

Lastly, all our assessments cover some aspects of ethical responsibility and safety. As an employer, you know that things can go sideways in a heartbeat. By hiring staff who understand their legal and ethical obligation to maintain safety and security, you lessen the chances of potential lawsuits and reputation damage. Often these skills are underemphasized but can be incredibly important, especially in customer-facing roles.

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Try A Hospitality Skills Assessment Today

Many businesses and industries take advantage of skills assessments to improve the quality of their new hires—why not you?

See for yourself how these skills tests can help you attract high-caliber employees who will grow your business!

If you’re not sure which assessment is the best fit for your open positions, you can view the test blueprints here for additional details on each assessment. If you’d like assistance finding the best solution or have questions about the skills assessments, please contact us today. We’re ready to help you move forward in finding high-quality, skilled candidates!